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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Dragon Ring by Maggie Secara

When the King of Faerie calls in a favor, what can you do? Follow your gift. Find the magic. Travel in time. Save the world... How hard can it be?
Reality TV host Ben Harper has a problem: he owes the king of Faerie a favor. So now he has to track down the three parts of a Viking arm-ring, and return them to their place in time. This takes him through the wolf-haunted forests of Viking Age Wessex, the rowdy back streets of Shakespeare’s London, and a derelict Georgian country house. Partnered with caustic, shape-changing Raven and guided by a slightly wacky goblin diary, Ben must rediscover his own gifts while facing his doubts and the queen of Faerie’s minions, who will do anything to stop him.

The Dragon Ring, the first in the Harper Errant series, is a time travelling epic adventure which takes you to Old England, and beyond.

The Dragon Ring
The Harper Errant Series - Book 1
Print Length: 399 pages
Published by: Crooked Cat Publishing
Publication Date: March 10, 2012
The Dragon Ring
The Book Excerpt

About Maggie Secara
Maggie Secara is a technical writer by trade, which just proves that you can, too, make a living with a Masters in English. A not-quite-native of California, she has traveled in Great Britain and Ireland, but not nearly as many places as she’d like to. 

Maggie started writing poetry at the tender age of 8, but began her story-telling adventures sometime in junior high school with a Robin Hood saga she promises never to reveal. Her long interest in history and many years of involvement in the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and Society for Creative Anachronism have all contributed to her writing, in more ways than one! Initially a handbook for members of her guild at the Faire, A Compendium of Common Knowledge 1558-1603 was established as a website in 1998, and finally released in book form in 2008. A second edition is being prepared for release in autumn, 2011. Her love of history and heroics have culminated in a series of fantasy novels, coming soon to a Faerie world near you. 

Maggie and JimDear, her very understanding husband, live with their cats in cozy suburban splendor in North Hollywood, California.

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